Pokémon Go Glitch Discourages Players in Boreas Raids

As another week of Pokémon Go raids rolls out across the world, some players in the eastern regions are feeling disappointed, as it appears the final raid boss presents a glaring problem.

Pokémon Go players always look forward to battling the final bosses of Pokémon Go Raids, as it often provides an opportunity to add a powerful Pokémon to your team, and sometimes a rare shiny form is up for grabs as well.

For many excited players, the next round of Pokémon Go raids has begun, as the new schedule usually starts at 10 a.m. local time, and eastern players in New Zealand, Australia, and even Japan are already starting to take on this week’s challenge.

Unfortunately, however, many are reporting a big problem, and this isn't the first time this has happened either.

Pokémon Go fans think Boreas in Totemic Form doesn't have a shiny version

In a post shared on Reddit by Pokémon Go player earth45319, they commented, “Totemic Boreas in Shiny may not have been activated according to the Japanese website.

" Other users reported the same thing, with popular Pokémon Go content creator @FleeceKing commenting on X (Twitter) with: "1,000+ reported Tornadus Therian raids with ZERO shinies encountered." It looks like Mom and I wasted our time doing our raid hour. Sorry to everyone who joined our raids.

Pokémon Go players in the original Reddit post aren't happy, with one commenting, "Surely it's more work turning them on and off all the time," while another added, “Hopefully they will be reimbursed with premium passes.

Niantic has yet to address the issue, but we'll keep an eye out for news on this situation.

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