The Historic Journey Of China's First Cruise Ship Begins

Beijing: China's first domestically produced cruise ship, "Audrey Magic City," has started its historic journey on an experimental basis.

According to the report by the Chinese news agency Xinhua, the giant passenger ship lifted anchor from Shanghai yesterday with a crew of 1,300 people and people invited from various countries for an experimental trip.

After completing a 1-day trial journey, the boat will show up at the port tomorrow and start its most memorable commercial voyage on January 1. The ship is expected to make one more trial trip before the commercial voyage.

It should be noted that the cruise ship has been built by Wei Guiqiao Shipping Company, a company of China's Shipyard Company CSSC. The length of the cruise is 323 meters, and the weight is 135 thousand 500 tons. The voyage has a limit of 5,246 travelers. The 16-story story has 2,125 traveler rooms and 40,000 square meters of normal-use space.

The ship will be used in the tourist travel area from Japan to South Asia. After building cruise ships, China has joined the three shipbuilding countries in the military, commercial, and tourism sectors.

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