Google Decides To End Another Popular Application


Google decides to end  popular Application

“NEWS POST PK” California: Technology company Google is going to close another application service used by thousands of users. In the next few weeks, Google will shut down the Google Play Movies and TV app.

This service has already been removed from smart TV and will soon be removed from the phone service, while after January 17, users will not be able to access movies purchased or rented through the app.

However, the purchased movies and TV programs will be transferred to Android TV and YouTube instead of being eliminated altogether.

Roku devices and smart TVs

This service has been gradually removed by Google since 2021. The app has already been removed from Roku devices and most smart TVs, but it still exists on Android TV and the Google Play Store.

In a new post on Android Television Help, Google affirmed that the assistance will soon be eliminated from these platforms.

In the post, Google clarified that the company is making some changes to simplify the process of buying or accessing new movies or TV shows.

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