Fortnite's Big Bang Event Marks 'Fresh Start' For Epic's Smash Game

Fortnite's Big Bang Event

“NEWS POST PK” The current Fortnite OG season will end toward the beginning of December, and Epic Games is prodding gigantic new advancements for the free to-play shooter.

A "Big Bang" is coming to Fortnite.

Epic Games has uncovered a significant live occasion called "The Big Bang" that will happen on Saturday, December 2 at 2pm ET. Called "a new beginning for Fortnite," the in-game experience will check the free to-play shooter's evident progress to a critical new chapter.

Fortnite is as of now hosting a shortened "OG" legacy season that brings back the game's unique island locale and natural weapons and things from prior manifestations.

Players can bounce into the occasion 30 minutes ahead of time in gatherings of up to four players. Also, Epic Games said that cloud streaming service features can be utilized to play for the individuals who can't run Fortnite locally on their separate devices.

Six years after the battle royale game's launch, Fortnite remains massively well known, with an expected 241 million players throughout recent days per third-party data from ActivePlayer. Truth be told, Epic Games said recently that the OG season send-off yielded the biggest day in the game's set of experiences, with almost 45 million players on November 4.

In any case, Epic Games hasn't been safe to financial changes in the business. In the same way as other game developers, the organization had cutbacks this year, cutting 830 individuals in September while additionally stripping itself of two subsidiaries. The organization additionally raised the value of its in-game V-Bucks currency around a similar time.

Not even Fortnite has had the option to get away from inflation.

"These changes depend on monetary factors like inflation and currency fluctuations,” Epic noted in a blog entry at that point, expressing that it likewise as of late helped costs across the United Kingdom, Canada, and Mexico.


How extreme are the cost knocks? It relies on the number of V-Bucks that you're purchasing. In the US, an essential heap of 800 V-Bucks will rise from the ongoing cost of $7.99 to $8.99 in a month, while the heftiest bunch of 13,500 V-Bucks will hop from the current $79.99 to $89.99


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